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NOTE: I will be getting back on to this project really soon so that I can fix the crazy bugs in it.

CSSH -- Central Secure Shell

I work in a shop with approximately 100 servers running Linux and Solaris. Every
Tuesday we do a publish of our production content that requires me to login to
several machines to run the same commands on each. I thought that this was
ridiculous for me to open 8 terminal windows to run the same dumb commands over and
over again. Thus the birth of cssh. Cssh is a Perl script that I wrote to allow
me to admin my servers by performing any number of commands to any number of
servers from one centrally located shell login.

As I was writing cssh I started to think of other things I could put into cssh to
allow administration to be that much easier and more flexible. Thus came the
current project called cssh. The program is small all by itself. It's sort of
large, however, when you consider all the modules that are needed to make the
ssh portion of cssh work.

Cssh is under fairly heavy development. I schedule as much time as I can to work
on it around my personal life issues :). So, I have a fairly large todo list. I
am excited for others to test it out and give me feedback on what they feel should
be done on cssh.

You can click below for the current documentation. This project is very
new so please don't expect too much, yet.

Here is the file itself. Please read the documentation to learn about how to use
cssh. It might be a little confusing at first but as you read through the docum-
entation, its use should become more understandable. Feel free to contact me for
support. Right now, since the project is so new I should be able to assist you. I
suspect that if this project matures that personal support will become increasingly
more difficult. We will cross that bridge when we get there.

READ the documentation here!!

Added: Small install script. See documentation for installation *not* using install
script. To install using the install script simply extract the tarball:

tar xvfz cssh_beta-0.03.2.tar.gz
or depending on which compressed format you download
tar xvfj cssh_beta-0.03.2.tar.bz2

cd cssh_beta-0.03.2

./ < prefix >

Where prefix is the path that you want to install cssh.
If you run the install script as root then the cssh_configs directory will be installed
in /etc by default. The man page will be placed in /usr/share/man/man1 by default
as well, and if you don't specify a prefix as root then cssh will be installed in
/usr/bin (it should actually be /usr/local/bin) otherwise it will be installed in
< prefix >/bin. Currently, there is no way, short of changing the script a
little, to change this behavior. I whipped this up in a matter of minutes and tested
it for a few hours making little changes here and there. It's meant to make installation
a little easier. It will install Net::SSH::Perl for you. NOTE! You really should
run the installation script as root given the nature of Net::SSH::Perl.

First alpha release: cssh alpha .03
Last alpha release (gzip): cssh_alpha-

Latest beta release (gzip): cssh_beta-
Latest beta release (bzip2): cssh_beta-

cssh now has a maillist provided by sourceforge. You can sign-up here.